Dagens Bostad – Davie House

SDH Studio have designed the contemporary renovation of a family house, located in Florida.

Located on a two-acre lot at horse country, Southwest Ranches Florida this project was the renovation of a 4000 square foot Mediterranean house into a 6700 square foot contemporary home that would bring the spectacular green views of the lot into each space.

The clients required a house that could accommodate all of their children and grandchildren but on the other hand one that would also feel comfortable if just two of them were home. This resulted in a L-shaped plan of essentially two wings. A new 2700 square foot private wing that would accommodate all of their daily needs while the existing wing would be used mainly during the weekends or holidays.

DavieHouse02 DavieHouse03 DavieHouse04 DavieHouse05 DavieHouse06 DavieHouse07 DavieHouse08 DavieHouse09 DavieHouse10 DavieHouse11 DavieHouse12 DavieHouse13 DavieHouse14 DavieHouse15 DavieHouse16 DavieHouse17 DavieHouse18 DavieHouse19 DavieHouse20 DavieHouse21 DavieHouse22 DavieHouse23


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